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Psychology Research Topics - 100+ Interesting Ideas

Psychology Research Topics - 100+ Interesting Ideas

The topic of any academic writing is the first thing that piques the reader’s interest and attention. It helps them perceive the content and main idea of the research. They realize if they want to continue reading it or not. When it comes to research papers, your instructor is your prime reader and audience. Therefore, make every word count in your paper.

Students are often confused when it comes to choosing topics for their research. Since you are here, we know you are no different.

We have compiled a list of psychology research topics. It will help you find a topic that highlights your skills.

1. Psychology Research Paper

There is absolutely nothing more important for psychology students than their research papers. A staggering amount of psychology research papers are published every year. This is one of the reasons many students struggle to find unique and good ideas to develop their papers.

A great research topic is the main key to a great psychology research paper. A good research topic is focused, unique, interesting, informative and fit to be used in your paper. Topics that are too easy or narrow in scope will not have much content to talk about. Similarly, the topic should not be too broad or vague.

2. How to Choose a Topic?

Choosing a topic is not an easy task, but it is definitely not something that you cannot achieve. Follow the easy steps and select a good psychology research topic for your paper

Brainstorm for Ideas

You should always begin with the topics of your interest. We all have some things and topics that we are interested in and want to write about. Narrow down those ideas and research extensively. Keep going until you find something that needs attention and has enough scope for a research paper.

Write down the ideas to form a more focused research topic. You should avoid reusing ideas and themes that have already been used multiple times. Or you can at least find a new angle or perspective in them.

Avoid generic topics such as abortion, depression, anxiety, etc.

List Important Words

While going through resources, make a list of keywords that define and describe your topic. Make sure you collect synonyms, keyword concepts, narrower and broader terms both to expand your research process. These words would be helpful for you to explain your topic and related concepts. You can also add logical and relevant information in your paper.

Be Flexible

Stay flexible and avoid being rigid when deciding on the final paper title. It happens that we start the paper with a different perspective. In the middle, or towards the end, we feel that it is not suitable. Keep the choices open and adapt accordingly.

The topic may change several times with the discovery of new information, facts and approaches. Consider this clause and keep making the required changes.

Want to learn more about writing your research paper?

Here are interesting research paper examples to get insight into writing your paper.

3. Psychology Research Topics

Are you searching for a great idea for your research paper? You've come to the right place. We have compiled a number of psychology research topics from different branches to ease your burden of choosing the right topic.

Have a look at some of the good research topic ideas for psychology.

3.1 Social Psychology

  1. Which factors bring a severe change in a person’s perspective towards religion?
  2. How do families cope with grief?
  3. Roles of aggression and violence in society?
  4. The psychological perspective of disabled beings?
  5. Is physical disability equivalent to psychological disability?
  6. Depression and its impact on cognitive development.
  7. Teenage psychology.
  8. Self-esteem and LGBT.
  9. Anxiety.
  10. Family Counselling.
  11. What is the response of the people when nonverbal communication does not match verbal behavior?
  12. How good are people at exposing lies?
  13. What is the reaction of the people when social norms are violated?
  14. Online social platforms enable people to interact more.
  15. How can our attitude impact our appearance?

3.2 Developmental Psychology

  1. How does development play a role in tackling bullying?
  2. Does the media encourage violence?
  3. Child development is highly influenced by parental behavior. Discuss.
  4. Factors that lead to child abuse.
  5. What is psychopathic behavior in youth?
  6. Aging and psychological processes related to it.
  7. Learning capabilities diminish with age. Agreed?
  8. How is violence instilled in children?
  9. Health effects on psychological development.
  10. Gender roles and change in society.
  11. Students listening to music while studying performs better in exams.
  12. How bullying can impact a student’s achievement?
  13. Children who eat breakfast tend to perform better at school
  14. Older adults are more likely to have a better memory.
  15. Mental games keep our cognitive skills sharp

3.3 Cognitive Research Topics

  1. How does autism affect young children?
  2. The role of color psychology in therapy.
  3. How do people encounter memories?
  4. Memories affect psychological abilities. Discuss.
  5. Can critical thinking be measured?
  6. Ability to make decisions and judgments.
  7. How do we repress memories? What are the factors that lead to repressed memories?
  8. Improving attention span and problem-solving amongst children.
  9. How to increase critical and analytical abilities?
  10. How can memory loss be recovered?
  11. How is the use of color important in cognitive psychology?
  12. How can judgments influence us?
  13. How does speech disorders, impact children?
  14. Best ways to recover memory loss.
  15. How can ADHD influence our development and growth?

3.4 History Psychology Research Topics

  1. What are the history of psychology and its usage?
  2. Discuss the core concept of Freud and theories
  3. Mythology and psychology. Define the relationship between them.
  4. Anxiety and stress.
  5. History of issues, causes, and treatment.
  6. Development in the stages of psychology.
  7. Psychological age of humans and how is it measured.
  8. Does Socionics really work?
  9. What is the difference between psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy?
  10. Psychology and suicide.
  11. Was Gestalt Psychology a failure or a success?
  12. Behaviorism dominated psychology in the 1940s and 1950s
  13. Cognitive psychology was a true revolution in psychology.
  14. Behaviorism was a necessary development in psychology
  15. Developments in neuroscience have led to real progress

3.5 Analytical Technique Topics

  1. What are the validity and reliability concerns in psychological testing?
  2. The single-subject designs,
  3. How is qualitative research more appropriate than quantitative research?
  4. Some of the statistical and analysis techniques for psychology.
  5. Ethics in psychological research.
  6. Experimental designs in psychological studies.
  7. Non-experimental designs in psychology.
  8. Imaging techniques for localization of brain function.
  9. Emerging trends in psychology..
  10. What are the primary techniques for psychological research?
  11. Analytical characterization of bio and nanomaterials
  12. Analyze the pharmaceuticals including raw materials
  13. Instrumental developments for analytics
  14. Testing of food products and beverages
  15. In-line testing and finished products

3.6 Clinical Psychology

  1. Role of therapists.
  2. Ethics of therapists.
  3. Anxiety disorders in male adults.
  4. Is family therapy helpful?
  5. Substance abuse in young children.
  6. Forensic and clinical psychology.
  7. Sexually offending behavior.
  8. Mood disorders and mental disorders.
  9. How does schizophrenia affect old age?
  10. What are the factors leading to dissociative orders?
  11. Controlling chronic pain through psychology
  12. Antidepressants are the best form of therapy
  13. Effect of abusive relationships
  14. Effects of insomnia
  15. Cognitive therapy can be used to treat anxiety disorders

3.7 Applied Psychology

  1. Human Factors that affect applied psychology.
  2. Sport psychology.
  3. What is environmental psychology?
  4. Organizational behavior in management.
  5. Community psychology affects individuals’ psychology. Discuss.
  6. Is there a relationship between law and psychology?
  7. Psychology and sociology.
  8. Psychology and recognition of the discipline.
  9. Importance of psychology in the military.
  10. What is an applied behavior analysis?
  11. Challenging behavior.
  12. Restorative justice.
  13. Domestic abuse.
  14. Resilience and trauma.

3.8 Women Psychology

  1. Different aspects of psychology that affect women only.
  2. Women biology and psychology.
  3. Self-esteem issues in women.
  4. Depression is a leading cause affecting women.
  5. Feminist psychology in gender studies.
  6. The symptoms of PTSD in women.
  7. Psychology of marriage.
  8. How do women cope with domestic violence and abuse?
  9. Impacts on the mental health of women in minorities.
  10. Gender discrimination and women psychology.
  11. Physical growth across the female life cycle
  12. Reproductive rights and reproductive health
  13. Gender stereotyping
  14. Theoretical prospects on women's mental health
  15. Verbal and nonverbal communications about females

3.9 Research Topics in Psychology for College Students

  1. Why is psychological relaxation important?
  2. Happiness is a psychological wellbeing measure.
  3. Borderline states of psychology and psychiatry.
  4. Everyday psychology.
  5. Psychology of propaganda.
  6. What are the psychological impacts of terrorism?
  7. Esoteric psychology.
  8. How does psychology differ in different countries?
  9. What are the impacts of childhood trauma on the mental state?
  10. Prominent cases of violent behavior due to violent video games.
  11. Difference between psychology and physiology. What is a Psychosomatic disease?
  12. Stages of loss and coping with grief.
  13. Can faith be an extended source of human cognition?
  14. Psychology and Suicidal Attempts.
  15. Applied techniques in psychological techniques.
  16. Can postpartum depression be alleviated?
  17. The best treatment for adults having dementia.
  18. Elderly and Alzheimer's disease. Reasons and remedies.
  19. How do techniques help mental illnesses?
  20. Psychology of social media.

Looking for more topics for your paper? Here is a list of some more interesting research paper topics.

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