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Top Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

Top Narrative Essay Topics & Ideas

They say a picture worth a thousand words…!

A narrative essay serves the same purpose. It provides a vivid description of an amazing story that paints a picture in the reader’s mind.

The first thing you need for writing a narrative essay is a topic or essay prompt. Here are some interesting narrative essay topic ideas you can choose for your next assignment.

Amazing Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a story written in a way that creates a picture in the reader’s mind. It is a creative piece of writing, as it requires exception creative writing skills.

As the narrative essay presents an amazing and exciting story, so the narrative essay topic should also be amazing and exciting.

Here are some great narrative essay topics that you can choose to write your story.

Narrative Essay Topics for 8th Grade

  • A school trip to the museum
  • My best day at school
  • The most exciting day of summer vacations
  • How I met my best friend
  • The most horrible day at school
  • The day I got my first pet
  • An hour we spent looking at our childhood album
  • My first attempt at cooking
  • My first Japanese pastry
  • My first foreign friend

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  • My favorite childhood memory
  • Most embarrassing encounter with my cousin
  • A funny story from my school days
  • My favorite school memory
  • Another surprising story
  • The day my best friend Betrayed me
  • The great accomplishment of my life
  • When I lost my watch
  • How my brother ruined my birthday
  • My favorite movie

Narrative Essay Topics for College

  • The most embarrassing moment of my life
  • A moment that completely changed my life
  • How I learned to play the guitar
  • The most frightening experience I ever had
  • The moment I met my special one
  • The day I got married
  • A day at the amusement park
  • When the cherry blossom
  • What if I had a time machine
  • The eleventh hour

Easy Narrative Essay Topics

  • A random act of kindness
  • A weird encounter with a stranger
  • A time when people helped each other in crises
  • The year when the whole world suffered from a pandemic
  • When the lights go off
  • A cup of coffee
  • My mom was right
  • My first ramp walk
  • How coronavirus changed peoples life
  • The moment of success

Good Narrative Essay Topics

  • The day I decided I will never cry again
  • Eggs and sausages
  • It was the hardest decision of my life
  • What if I become a superhero
  • Nothing extraordinary
  • My worst quarrel with parents
  • This breakup cost me a year of life
  • Why I’ll never go back to my school again
  • The friendzone none of you would handle
  • The superpowers I would like to have

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  • The movie character I associated myself with
  • They will never call me a covered again
  • My most memorable birthday bash
  • How I lied to my parents about my cancer
  • The novel that touched me the most
  • If I were a magician, I’d be…
  • The place I would love to visit again and again
  • Why I dropped out of high school
  • What if I were born in a different country
  • I am an ordinary, after all

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  • How traveling to the countryside can change your world view
  • Essential things to take with you to the mountains
  • The moment I decided not to go to university
  • Under the starry sky
  • Fear on my mind
  • Sorry, wrong number
  • Cracks in the pavement
  • Pants on fire
  • How my father taught me to drive
  • Searching for fresh air

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How To Choose A Topic For A Narrative Essay

While you choose a topic for a narrative essay, you need to be very careful. As you have to tell a story you need to choose a topic which is eye-catching as well as interesting.

Here is how you can choose an exciting topic for your narrative essay:

  • Choose a topic:

    • which you are passionately ambitious about
    • Which interest you the most
    • Which you feel the most connected with
    • About something which has a meaning to you
  • Recall the episodes from

    • Childhood experience
    • School days
    • Holidays
    • Parties
    • Summer vacations
    • Student years
    • Happy moments
    • Sad moments
    • Personal hobbies
    • When you have experienced a terrible incident
    • When your life has changed completely
    • When you took some hard decisions
    • Different events in your life

You can write about anything, all you have to take care of is your story should be interesting and engaging. Good narrative essays are usually about your personal experience. If your topic choice revolves around your real-life experience, it will create a fantastic essay.

Before you start writing, make sure you read some narrative essay samples. Narrative essay examples will help you learn how to organize your thoughts and how you can structure your story.

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