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Learn How To Write An Editorial On Any Topic

Learn How To Write An Editorial On Any Topic

Want to express your opinion on something?

Wondering how to convince the world to think as you do? To show them why you are right? Then you must learn how to write an editorial and convince your readers to agree with you.

An editorial expresses your opinion about any current topic with the aim to persuade the reader to see things from your perspective.

You may be wondering how to write a notable editorial, here is the step by step for writing an editorial worthy of reader's appreciation.

1. What Is An Editorial?

An editorial is a newspaper article that contains and explains the author's ideas. This piece of writing can be on any topic but usually, it covers social issues. You have to provide enough evidence from credible sources just like you do in your research papers.

A well-written editorial must contain problems description and their possible solutions. When writing about a specific issue, don't forget to give recommendations.

You should create a message for the people who are suffering from that issue and what it takes to improve the situation. In your writing, you can speak to the government and request them to take preventive measures to solve the problem.

Generally, there are four types of editorials; Interpret and explain, Persuade, Criticize, and Praise.

2. How To Write An Editorial?

Editorial writing is quite similar to research paper writing. Editorials are very fun and exciting to write once you get all the required research material and understand the essential steps to succeed in this type of writing.

The following steps will definitely help you make up your mind on how to write an editorial piece that can persuade readers to agree with your opinion.

2.1 Choose A Topic

Editorials aim to promote critical thinking and sometimes causing people to change their minds on a topic by influencing their opinion. Make sure to choose an interesting topic or controversial subject or something that has a purpose. Controversial topics are great way to create debate and get the readers engaged right from the start. With opinion pieces, you have to focus on recent stories that people are talking about.

2.2 Research Thoroughly

Take time and research all aspects of your topic and find all the reasons behind the issue. Look for relevant evidence and examples to support your opinion. Gather all the latest facts and information from credible sources.

2.3 Pick A Side

Make sure to pick a side and create a valid opinion to know what you are talking about. For a valid opinion, you must come up with logical reasoning. Pay careful attention to this step and provide clear reasons to show why your side is the right one.

2.4 Writing Editorial

After coming up with a valid opinion and supportive arguments. It is time to start the actual writing process. Make sure this writing is short and clear so that the readers do not get bored and easily understand your point of view.

Start your editorial with a thesis-like statement to catch the reader's attention right from the start. You can also start your editorial with a question, quote, or a summary of what the editorial is all about.

The body of your work should explain the issue in an objective manner and why the situation is important to handle. Try to cover all the bases and include facts, and quotations from credible sources.

Conclude your editorial with a noteworthy statement. In this section, you can again include quotations or a question to make the ending worth remembering.

2.5 Edit And Proofread

Go through your editorial multiple times and make sure it is free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. If you are unable to do it by yourself, ask someone else to review your writing and give you feedback. In this way, you will be able to not miss anything and get rid of language mistakes.

3. Editorial Ideas

If you are unable to come up with good ideas for your editorial, here are some of the most current topics that you can have a look at.

  1. Global warming effects on earth
  2. Should gay marriages be allowed?
  3. Should marijuana be legalized?
  4. Is euthanasia immoral?
  5. Do people complain too much?
  6. Is there such a thing as a facebook addict?
  7. The dangers of social media addiction
  8. Benefits of Organic Food Consumption
  9. Benefits of Reading
  10. Should cigarettes be banned?

3.1 Editorial Example

Editorial writing is a type that can be hard to explain and usually, it is the combination of fact and opinion. Have a look at this example to learn the whole writing process better.

Editorial Example

Writing an editorial is a difficult and a huge step in your career. You can follow the above-mentioned steps for writing an interesting editorial. If you are still confused and in need of professional help, better order a high-quality editorial written by our professional editorial writers at MyPerfectWords. We are 24/7 available to assist you with all the ‘do my paper' queries.

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