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How to Start a Research Paper - 7 Easy Steps

How to Start a Research Paper - 7 Easy Steps

Are you struggling to start your research paper?
Don't know how to start it strong?

You can learn how to start a research paper and complete it successfully by following a few simple steps. Read the entire blog to understand how to write a research paper successfully.

1. What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a research based project that the students get, often in their final year and as a requirement for their degree. It is based on the student’s original research as they research on the chosen topic and detail the entire research process and the researched material in the paper.

It is a high level research work and students need to be diligent and careful while working on it. For writing a good research paper, you need to have exceptional research skills along with writing skills. It is important that your topic is well-researched according to a specified research paper outline.

2. How to Start a Research Paper

Starting a research paper is more difficult than completing it and this is not what we say. Since we work with students and help them with various writing tasks, they communicate with us about the issues they face while working on their writing assignments.

Essays are different, they require much less level of research and work than a research paper and this makes them a challenging task. However, with practice and hard work, you will be able to know how to start writing a research paper.

To help you do it easily, we have compiled a list of steps and tactics that you should follow while writing your research paper.

2.1 Read the Guidelines Carefully

Before starting any assignment, it is important to read and understand the guidelines properly. Many students make the mistake of just reading the topic and starting with it, as a result, they miss the things that the teacher has mentioned in the guidelines.

An ideal way of doing it is to read then topic and go through the guidelines thoroughly. Write down the important things that the teacher has mentioned like the paper format, number of required sources. Font type and size, word limit and page spacing.

2.2 Brainstorm and Choose a Suitable Research Paper Topic

If your teacher has already given you the topic then half of your work is done. If not, then you must find the topic first and believe us, finding a topic is more time consuming than writing the paper.

When finding a topic, keep your main field study in view and make a detailed mind map. Brainstorm and write down all the topics and ideas that come in your mind. We know that finding good research topics is hard but you can do it by doing online research and discussing the potential ideas with your teacher.

2.3 Research and Find Relevant Material

Once you have found a perfect topic for your research paper, you should start with the research part. Do not leave it to do afterwards and start as early as you could. Look for credible sources and try to find as closely related sources as possible.

However, when doing the research, make sure that you do not add the sources that are older than five years, look for recent and new research data. Outdated studies also have those details and material that are no longer valid. Therefore, look for newer and updated research to compose and compile your research.

2.4 Organize and Make an Outline

Organize the researched sources manually in your writing journal or in an online journal. When doing the research, you must have found and gathered a number of resources and many of them are important for your paper. Therefore, keeping them organized is important.

Prepare your research paper outline of the paper and mention the ideas and points that you want to add into the paper. Instead of making a basic outline, make a detailed outline and add important points about the ideas and material that you will add in each paragraph.

2.5 Create a Thesis Statement

Creating a thesis statement early in the writing process is quote beneficial as it gives a proper structure to your research and helps you stay focused. You must know how to start a thesis statement for a research paper before writing it.

Do a proper research before you write a thesis statement. Writing a thesis statement is a completely different process that you need to follow carefully if you want to end up with good results.

2.6 Start from the Mid

Starting a project is really difficult and students spend a lot of time figuring out how to start off a research paper. This is why we suggest that you begin the writing process form the mid. Write your main paper body before you write an introduction and work on it afterwards.

Explain all the main ideas in the body paragraphs. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and stick to one idea in a paragraph and support your thesis statement throughout the paper.

2.6.1 How to Start a Research Paper Introduction

An introduction for a research is the main part of any work. Through it, the writer hooks the reader and engages them to move forward. Therefore, start the introduction with a hook sentence. A hook sentence could be anything like an interesting fact, a unique and important background information, an anecdote, or anything that engages the reader and compels them to read your research paper.

2.6.2 How to Start a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Just like a strong introductory paragraph, a strong conclusion is equally important and necessary for an overall effect. To write a good conclusion restates the thesis statement and the main research question. Instead of adding any new information, it focuses on emphasizing the main ideas and asserts its main idea strongly.

However, you should write both of these sections afterward completing the middle main research paper section. This way you will know what you have added into the paper and this will direct your paper.

2.7 Revise and Make the Changes

Once you are done with the main section, revise it and makes sure that all the ideas that you have added in it are relevant and related to your chosen research topic and question. Adding credible and relevant sources will show your teacher that you know how to work and have worked hard in preparing the paper.

Make the needed changes and revise if you find more suitable ideas and material to add in your paper. It happens that after completing the paper, students find other more solid and relevant ideas for their paper. This is why writing the main body section is better than beginning from the start.

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