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Synthesis Essay - Expert Writing Guide With Examples

Synthesis Essay - Expert Writing Guide With Examples

Got assigned a Synthesis essay?

Don’t know where to start from?

Give this complete guide on writing a synthesis essay a quick read!

1. What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is an argumentative type of essay that involves discussion by research and analysis of multiple sources. According to the types of synthesis essay, collect ideas and points that support your topic and side of the argument.

It draws up on sources like articles, essays, reviews, fiction, lectures, interviews and observations as the students utilize them to collect supporting claims for their research topic.

1.1 Synthesis Essay Definition

These types of essays the writer chooses a viewpoint and present its claims and supporting arguments to prove it. As per the definition, it is a combining and fusing of different sources that have common point of view and shaping a common claim through it.

2. What is an AP Lang Synthesis Essay?

An AP Lang, Advanced Placement Language, is a college level rhetoric and writing curriculum course. The purpose of writing such essays is to test and analyze the students’ ability to write, language and understanding capabilities. In the test, the students are given six sources to analyze. And form a claim or argument about the given topic, and formulate an effective synthesis essay on it.

for such essays you need to read your sources at least three of the given sources. And use them to support your thesis or claim.

Following are the different kinds of synthesis essay, that you could use to form your work.

2.1 The Explanatory Essay

As the name suggests, this essay helps the readers understand a specific topic. Contrary to argumentative type of essay, an explanatory essay includes careful reading and presenting of the facts and information.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Sample (PDF)

2.2 The Argumentative Essay

Just as the explanatory essay focuses on presenting and explaining a topic from an impartial viewpoint. Argumentative synthesis essays support a specific point of view and claim and presents it in a rational manner.

To support the claim, the writer adds relevant information, data and sources to back its topic and present it in a logical flow.

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Sample (PDF)

3. How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Before starting with your essay, it is a good idea to know the standards and criteria through which synthesis essays are marked, or scored.

3.1 Synthesis Essay Standards

Use your sources to support your claims and point of view reasonably.

Presenting original thoughts and ideas and proving the claims with substantial evidence is necessary.

The paper should be logically and seamlessly organized. All the ideas must form a rapport in a way that guides the reader.

All body paragraphs should have topic sentences that are the main points. Once the ideas are compiled, the paper should present the main ideas thoroughly.

The paper should have an easy and precise words and the use of vocabulary should be careful and natural.

Proofreading is key to great synthesis essay. The paper should be crisp and clean from any grammar and spelling errors.

3.2 Synthesis Essay Writing Techniques

Since it is a specialized form of writing, there are few techniques through which you could avoid the common errors and mistakes.


Probably the simplest techniques of all, it involves compiling and explaining your most relevant sources and summarizing them. It does not include any of your original thoughts or views and is solely based on summarizing of the sources.

Examples and Visuals

Claims and viewpoints are best explained through visuals. You can add quotes or examples from other sources as well as your own original experiences. Visuals like graphs, charts and real-life events photos, in case of social sciences related essays, can be added to create a lasting impact

Presenting Two or More Supporting Reasons

In this technique, you put your claim forward and support it by giving relevant reasons of why the statement is true and multiple reasons and evidence.

Straw man Technique

Ever saw someone putting the opposing views in their discussion? This is called the straw man technique. You put the opposing views or evidence first and then present the reasons why you do not support that claim. It shows your knowledge of the other side of the story and reasons you are refuting it.

Concession Technique

Concession technique accepts the valid point of opposition but argues and proves that your point of view has more positive points than the other. The technique is particularly helpful when the audience is of opposing views.

Comparison and Contrast Technique

Comparing and contrasting both views simultaneously, and analyzing the similarities and differences between the two. By this technique, you could study the topic as a whole, that may not be possible when working through other techniques.

3.3 How to Write a Synthesis Essay for AP Lang?

Writing a synthesis essay is an essential part of the AP Lang exam and students have to showcase their skills through it. Following steps are involved in writing an AP Lang synthesis essay:

  • Reading the text closely
  • Analyzing it thoroughly
  • Establishing a point of view based on it
  • Concluding the entire essay

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Sample (PDF)

4. Synthesis Essay Outline

The outline of this essay generally has three parts:


Start your essay with an interesting and engaging opening. The start is the most important part of your essay. If you do not want your readers to leave your essay in the middle, make sure that the opening is strong. Explain and elaborate the main topic and present the thesis statement.

Main Body

You can add as many supporting points as you want, but make sure that each paragraph starts with an argument, or claim, backed with supporting evidence. The paragraphs should follow your ideas and claims, rather then moving around the supporting sources.


Just like a strong opening, a strong and memorable closing is important to conclude your essay. Instead of just adding anything vaguely and without any connection, it is better to add the statement of your essay and your reasons for supporting them.

5. Synthesis Essay Examples

Looking for a sample of synthesis essay? Follow the link below.

1984 Synthesis Essay (PDF)

Student Synthesis Essay

History of Poetry (PDF)

Poetry Synthesis Essay Sample

6. Synthesis Essay Topics

Some prominent examples are:

  • Social Media and its Impact on Next Generation
  • Millennials are more interested in gaining experience than stability. Agreed?
  • Plastic and its Role in Increasing Global Carbon Footprint
  • Global Warming and its Impact on Floods.
  • Climate change is a global phenomenon. Discuss the statement.
  • What role does death penalty play in reviving or destroying the law and order?
  • Sugary drinks and fast food is the topmost reason of obesity in children. discuss.
  • Having higher education is better than being a college dropout. Discuss the claim.
  • Perfume and Body Sprays are Key Players in Increasing Global Warming
  • Video games are increasing violent behavior in children. How true is this claim?

Finding great and impactful synthesis essay topics may be difficult but a little hard work and lots of brainstorming session will definitely do the trick.

Hopefully, now you know everything about writing a synthesis essay. If you are still confused and looking for professional help, we are here to help you choose a topic and prepare your custom essay successfully. Contact MyPerfectWords now to get a well-written and an A worthy paper.

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