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How to Write an Opinion Essay – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Write an Opinion Essay – A Beginner’s Guide

An opinion essay is a type of essay that reflects the writer’s point of view. It shows what the writer thinks or how the writer feels about a specific subject.

An opinion essay requires good writing skills and a basic understanding of its format. In this article, you will get to know how to write a perfect essay in no time.

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing in which a writer expresses an opinion on a particular subject. Writing this type of essay is not enough to present your opinions or point of view. You will also need to support your opinion with logical reasoning and examples.

The opposing viewpoint is also presented together with arguments that show it is unconvincing.

On the other hand, an opinion essay is also known as agree or disagree essay. It is similar to a persuasive essay and requires you to explain why your viewpoint is right. However, you need to defend it like the conclusion to a research paper.

Keep the following things in mind while writing a good opinion paper.

  • Support your opinion using strong evidence from scholarly sources.
  • Write all sentences in a proper sequence that makes sense.
  • Avoid copying the content from the internet, but present your own opinion.
  • Write it informally.
  • Avoid writing slang words.
  • Make sure that your essay is free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

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Opinion Essay Structure

Writing any type of essay requires proper structure. The opinion essay also follows a standard five-paragraph essay structure.

Let us look at the detailed structure given below.


  • Grab the reader’s attention with a hook statement
  • Give your opinion
  • Introduce the main topic
  • Include the thesis statement

Body Paragraph 1

  • Write a topic sentence with the first reason
  • Supporting argument
  • Facts/ Examples

Body Paragraph 2

  • Write a topic sentence with the second reason
  • Supporting argument
  • Facts/ Examples

Body Paragraph 3

  • Write a topic sentence with the third reason
  • Supporting argument
  • Facts/ Examples


  • Summarize your opinion
  • Restate the thesis statement

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How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Writing an opinion essay requires proper planning and preparation. For your ease, we gathered some steps that every writer should follow for writing a great essay.

Pre- Writing

Before you start writing the opinion essay, collect relevant information to support your point of view. Make sure that the evidence you have collected must match your opinion.

When you start the brainstorming and look for arguments, try to answer these questions to get more ideas:

  • What main points conveyed in the essay?
  • What did the audiences want to know?
  • Is my opinion relevant to the topic?
  • Can I improve my opinion?

Look at this list for the ideas and organize them in a detailed opinion essay outline.


An opinion essay consists of an opening paragraph with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph with an effective conclusion. Here is a comprehensive description of these sections.


An introduction is the first section of an opinion essay. It discusses your subject and states your opinion on it.

Always start the opening paragraph of the essay with an attention-grabbing hook statement. Include a thesis statement in the last sentence of your introduction paragraph.

Body Paragraphs

Support your thesis statement in the body paragraphs. Make sure to add all the necessary information in this section to support your statement. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, and the main idea behind this is to back up the main arguments.

When writing the body paragraphs, you need to consider few points:

  • Use present tense sentences in the essay.
  • Do not use phrasal verbs or idioms in the essay.
  • Add in-text citation properly.
  • Use transition words to maintain the connection between paragraphs.


It is very important to end the essay properly. The conclusion of an essay should not be only restating the thesis statement. Instead, it is a well-crafted paragraph that provides the reader a synopsis of the important facts and arguments presented.

If you want to make your essay conclusion more interesting, end with a controversial question, make a warning or suggest some consequences. Make sure not to introduce any new ideas in this section.


After finishing writing the essay, you need to proofread it. Ensure that the grammar, vocabulary, and spellings are correct. Check the plagiarism of your essay before submitting or publishing it. Also, check the essay structure and make sure that you don’t present your ideas in the form of a list.

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Opinion Essay Topics

Some students get stuck when they choose the topic for their essay assignment. Therefore, for your convenience, we have mentioned some topics here that you can use for your essay.

  • Should the government control religious practices?
  • Schools should help parents control the screen time of teenagers.
  • Should primary schools still teach handwriting?
  • Is social media good or bad for society?
  • Is having a hobby help you in your career?
  • Explain why teachers should not wear uniforms to school.
  • Are online resources reliable for conducting research?
  • Do you think that college professors are too strict on plagiarism issues?
  • Should I learn English from the British council?
  • Is drug use becoming a part of the U.S. culture?

Choose an interesting idea from this list to write a perfect opinion essay.

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Opinion Essay Examples

The following are the essay examples that help in your writing phase. Get an idea from them and write a great opinion paper.

Opinion Essay about Fast Food

Opinion Essay on Importance of Exercise

Opinion Essay Sample

Opinion Essay Example College

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