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Learn How To Write An Autobiography Step By Step

Learn How To Write An Autobiography Step By Step

Does the task of writing an autobiography puzzle you?

You might be thinking - who am I and what I could possibly write in the autobiography. If you are facing a similar situation, here is a step by step guide on how to write an autobiography in the best possible way.

When you are assigned to write an autobiography, there are several things that might come to your mind. Questions like what to include in an autobiography? How to start an autobiography? What kind of writing is most similar to an autobiography? How to end an autobiography? Etc.

Don't worry, in this blog, you will get the answers to all these questions and write a life story that truly deserves a high grade.

1. What Is An Autobiography?

An autobiography is a form of writing where the writer narrates his/her own life. Do not confuse autobiography with a biography which involves the life story of a famous person written by someone else. Basically a biography involves a number of different events a person experiences throughout their lifetime but the writer is someone else.

Rather than being written by someone else, an autobiography is a self-written story. Some autobiographies are also written in fictional tales. Such as novels or stories that mimic events from the real-life experiences of the author.

Autobiography writing is of different types and you can choose the one based on things that you want to cover.

In the process of writing a memoir or an autobiography, one can discover himself. Remember, it is not just about a mere collection of stories but a revelation of self-discovery.

2. How To Write An Autobiography?

If you are looking for simple and brief instructions on how to write an autobiography of myself? Have a look at this ultimate guidelines to save your time and nerves. In addition to that, if you desire to write a book, the following guidelines can also be applied to craft an interesting piece of writing for the readers.

2.1 Read A Famous Autobiography

You are not the first person to write an autobiography. There are many examples of famous writers, artists and businessmen out there who created autobiographies and shared their life experiences with a wide audience. Before you decide to write, find the autobiography of the author whose life truly inspires you and read it to get a better understanding of writing an autobiography.

2.2 Think Over Your Life

Remember every prominent event, unusual experience, or an important person or even a memorable day in your life. Take time and think about the moments that have been interesting enough to share. If you want to write about your childhood, you better get help from your parents. Perhaps they will tell you that you did something amazing when you were a child.

2.3 Create A-List and Pick One

The most satisfying and helpful part of writing an autobiography is making a list. It is advisable to write all the memories into sections or categories. Such as in one section write about your family members, parents, siblings and your memories of school in another. In this way, you will be able to structure your thoughts logically.

Remember, autobiography is not about writing each and everything of your life, you have to choose one event, place or person to write about. After choosing the idea, express it in the thesis statement and combine all the memories into meaning information as a whole. Make sure the selected theme is not only interesting to you but to the readers as well.

2.4 Create An Outline

Planning is an important part of the whole autobiography writing process. A detailed structure before you start writing will make the process easier to complete. The outline will work as a backbone by keeping all the information in one place. A good autobiography must incorporate the following points:


Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and avoid going into details at this point. Give a general idea of yourself by stating your name, age, and personality traits, etc. You can also add some family history, it will help the reader to understand how you became the person you are now.


The body is the section where the main information is presented. It elaborates significant events and details in the right manner. Divide the main idea into different paragraphs and connect the information logically.


Leave the reader with strong and thought-provoking information for writing the conclusion. State some useful life lessons and experiences that helped you to become a better person.

2.5 Edit And Proofread

Once you are done with the writing, check your autobiography for mistakes in grammar, spelling, style, punctuation, verb tense, etc. No matter how good your writing skills are, your readers will stop reading as soon as they notice the first mistake.

2.6 Get Feedback

Before you hand it in your autobiography, ask someone to go through it and provide you with feedback. In this way, you will be able to notice mistakes that you might have missed in the editing and proofreading process. A fresh perspective will definitely help you improve the whole content.

3. Autobiography Outline

Writing an autobiography is a great accomplishment, be it an autobiography novel or a short story, you will not be able to commence the writing process if you do not have an outline in hand. The purpose of having an outline or an autobiography template will serve as a reminder of your life's events. Here you can have a look at the autobiography outline to get a quick and easy guide for beginning the autobiography writing process.

Autobiography Outline PDF

3.1 Autobiography Sample

Now you know how to write an autobiography about yourself. But before diving into the writing process, it is always a good approach to read some sample papers to understand the writing style and approaches used by the other experienced writers. Here is a free autobiography example that you can have a look at and get inspired to write an autobiographical essay about your life.

Autobiography Sample PDF

Now you know what is an autobiography and how to write a perfect one. Hopefully, the above guide clarifies all the nuances in the writing process. Narrating your own character may not seem an easy task at first. But thinking about the past may help you think about your current issues and look at your future from a different perspective.

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