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How To Write A Speech - Basic Outline With Sample

How To Write A Speech - Basic Outline With Sample

Speech is one of the most effective mediums to communicate a message. Speech writing is an important skill that has many perks for you either you are a student or a professional.

Public speaking speeches are different from the presentations that are meant to be viewed online.

Speech is given live in front of the audience and presentations are viewed online. Presentations can be viewed, reviewed, and shared.

To deliver a live speech, it is important for you to establish a connection between your audience when you are writing your speech.

In addition to that, your physical presence is also very important to make a difference. You may need to work in breaks and even start a question and answer session.

1. What Is A Speech

A speech is an effective medium to communicate your message. To come up with a good speech, you must learn the speech writing skill.

Coming up with an original speech can be nerve-wracking. At first, you might strike with the following question:

  • How to write a speech outline?
  • How to write a speech about yourself?
  • How long will my speech be?
  • What makes a good speech?
  • How to begin a speech?
  • How to write a speech about someone?
  • Which is not suggested guideline for speechwriting?
  • How many words in a ten minutes speech?>
  • How to write a motivational speech?

Get answers to all these questions here and begin writing a speech that can effectively inform, educate and persuade your readers.

1.1 How Long Should A Speech Be?

When it comes to a speech, the length is not the major point to pay attention to. Take time and think about what you want to achieve or if you are a student and what you have been asked to achieve.

In short, your speech should not be too long or too short. However, finishing the speech within the 15-20 minutes is the ideal time to leave the audience with something good to think about.

2. How To Write a Speech Outline

It is important to write a good speech that your audience will remember in the long run. You have to be organized and for that, a speech outline is the best way to do so.

Writing an effective outline is the most important success factor for writing the speech that stands out. And sometimes, it is one of the most overlooked factors.

A speech outline will not only save your time but it will also help you organize your thoughts. It will make sure that you are following the proper structure as well as format.

Following is an example of how you can craft an effective outline for your speech.

1. Prepare

  • Choose your topic.
  • Know your audience. Pay attention to their needs.
  • Define the purpose of the speech.
  • Organize the speech.

2.The Introduction

  • Think about a statement that can grab the attention of audience members.
  • Refine the thesis statement.
  • State something that can establish credibility.

3. The Body

  • Introduction to body transition.
  • Provide your main idea along with the supporting statements.
  • Examples and further details if required.

4. Conclusion

  • Summarize the speech and its main points.
  • Closing statement or call to action.

It will help you a lot if you write online before starting the actual writing process.

3. How To Write a Speech

Generally, the steps to write a speech are similar to the steps of writing a presentation. however, you need to keep in mind the audience, who you are specifically writing for.

Speech has 3 main sections:

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • Conclusion

It will be a good idea if the speech is focusing on the main idea of the discussion. It is especially important for short speeches.

The speech is considered best if it is written to engage the audience and hold their attention from the start of the speech to its end.

Therefore, your speech must have something that can grab the audience's attention.

3.1 Introduction

The start of the speech varies in different types of speeches and it depends on the reason for which the speech is about.

For example, the powerful speeches contain an introductory section that not only introduces the topic to the audience but it also piques their interest.

You should choose a topic that can leave a good impression on your audience.

If you are struggling with the speech topic then here is a list of interesting persuasive speech topics you can choose from.

The introduction of the speech must follow a strong transition of the big idea into the body section.

You can think of this as a “hook” it should be something that not only compels the audience but also encourages them to listen to every single word you say.

3.2 The Body

The speech follows the same rules as in essays. It must have an introduction, the body than a conclusion.

There are no specific rules to follow when it comes to writing the body of a speech.

The following are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

  • It should follow a chronological order for the timeline events.
  • Present one piece of information at a time.
  • Follow a pattern of cause and effect
  • Offer a full overview

In most of the speeches, the body is divided into three main sections.

3.3 Conclusion

It is very important to end a speech properly. Restate the main points of the speech and leave something for the audience to think about.

You are required to conclude the speech neatly by restating the main idea of the speech and a call to action.

The following are the things that you should keep in mind when writing the end of the speech.

  • Relevant quotes.
  • Interesting stories.
  • Strong transitions that are logical.
  • A solid closing statement.

After writing your speech, it is important for you to practice. Don't just read speech, if you can’t remember all the things. You can take note cards with you and refer if you are stuck at some point.

4. Speech Writing Tips

For an effective piece of speechwriting, here you can find some important speech tips from experts to tell you what it takes to come up with an amazing speech.

  • Avoid putting multiple ideas into your speech. Keep in mind that people only remember very little, so just give one to two main ideas to grab their attention.
  • Remember, this is not an essay, people will hear not read it. The more conversational it will sound, the better it will be.
  • You want your audience to believe that you know what you are talking about, right? So, it is important to do some quality research on your topic. It will reflect that you have a sound knowledge of your topic that you are giving a speech on.

5. Speech Example

Before writing your own speech. It will be helpful if you take some time and read or even listen to some famous speeches to pick up things like body language, transitions, openings and how strong the conclusions are.

Here is an example of a speech that you can surely refer to:

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