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Persuasive Speech Topics - 100+ Interesting Ideas

Persuasive Speech Topics - 100+ Interesting Ideas

Bothered by the upcoming persuasive speech project ?

Struggling to find persuasive speech topics that will leave a strong impression on your audience?

Stop worrying and get going!

Explore this blog to learn the peculiarities of good persuasive speech topics ideas. And pick a topic for your competition, or project.

1. What are Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Wondering what are some good topics for a persuasive speech?

Do not worry, it is not as difficult as you think.

Just keep reading this blog and you will get the answers to all of your queries and concerns.

1.1 Catches your Interest

A topic is good enough to make a speech on, if it instantly catches your attention. However, it isn’t necessary that the topic of your interest is also suitable for your speech. Sometimes, we choose things according to our personal experience. And that are either too easy or too complicated to actually work on it.

Be realistic and do the necessary research before settling with a specific topic.

Just narrow down your interest list and pick the topic that has good scope for research, argument and discussion.

1.2 Appeals the Audience

Another important quality of a good idea is that they appeal to the audience.

So, when you are selecting a topic, make sure to keep your audience in mind.

If you talk about political and government affairs in front of the elementary school kids they won't understand it. And chances are that all your hard work will go down the drain.

They will be least interested in the speech. Therefore, you will not be able to persuade them, thus failing the purpose of your speech. Keep in mind their interest and level of understanding, when picking the topic .

1.3 Unique and ‘Not Some Hundred Times Repeated’ Topic

Another important aspect of good topics is that they are not some generic or repetitive type of topics.

For example, the topic of legalizing abortion has been in debate for years.

The opinions of both supporters and opponents of the topic are now at the fingertips of the society.

You should not pick any such topic for writing a persuasive essay or speech, until and unless you have a clear point in mind.

1.4 Suits the Demand

The last and the most important point is that you choose a topic that suits the demand.

For example, if you have to present a speech on sports days, you cannot talk about science and technology.

It is suitable to talk about sports persuasive speech topics only, to get the attention of your audience.

Keep these basic points in mind while selecting your topics; these are your first steps towards success.

2. Good Persuasive Speech Topics

We are perfectly aware of the pressure you face while contemplating your topics.

To help and guide you towards success, we have prepared the lists of some top-notch persuasive speech topics.

Keeping in view the interests of both the students and audience, we have categorized the topics. They are classified according to fields and subject matter.

Use them as it is, or mould them using different points of view.

2.1 Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  1. College education should be free for students belonging to poor families.
  2. Mass shootings can never be justified by psychological issues.
  3. Following one’s suitability and comfort level is more important than following fashion.
  4. Bragging about expensive possessions depicts immorality.
  5. The tax rate should be double for rich people.
  6. College students should be regularly provided with mental health counselling.
  7. Classrooms should have background music to let the students better focus on learning.
  8. Should athletes be paid less?
  9. Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms.
  10. People should not be allowed to change their names after high school.

2.2 Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

  1. Exchange programs make the students more appreciative towards the world and different communities.
  2. Working part-time on weekends should be compulsory for teenagers.
  3. Introverts are the best motivational speakers.
  4. Modern youth has developed addictive personalities.
  5. The religious discussion should not be allowed in schools.
  6. Students should learn at least three foreign languages.
  7. Writing research papers is a better way of learning than tests.
  8. Money cannot ensure happiness.
  9. Positive thinking makes life easier and happier.
  10. Violent video games should be banned in the United States.

2.3 Persuasive Speech Topics 2019

  1. Nuclear disarmament is necessary to restore world peace.
  2. Salaries of single parents should be higher than other employees.
  3. Cyberbullying is the major cause of suicide among youngsters.
  4. Stalkers and paparazzi should be sentenced to life in prison.
  5. Genetically modified food products are less nutritious than natural products.
  6. Why can’t we quit fossil fuels?
  7. Abortion deteriorates the health of women.
  8. Everyone should donate blood at least once a year.
  9. Media should not promote beauty standards.
  10. Foster parent homes should be regularly inspected.

2.4 Persuasive Speech Topics 2018

  1. School or college bullies should be rusticated immediately.
  2. Coeducation makes students more competitive.
  3. Patrol police should always carry loaded weapons.
  4. Graffiti is the art of the future.
  5. A helmet is necessary for bike riders.
  6. Homosexuals should have separate educational institutes.
  7. Interns should always be paid for their work.
  8. Online teaching is not as constructive as regular teaching.
  9. Taming wild and exotic animals is unethical.
  10. Charity is used as the source of converting black money into white money.

2.5 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Energy drinks are far away from providing energy.
  2. Watching television is more beneficial than reading books.
  3. Health benefits and transport facility should be free for senior citizens.
  4. Me time is necessary to self heal and restore energy.
  5. Confidence is the key to success.
  6. Urban life is more tiring and energy-consuming than rural life.
  7. Open-mindedness is the best coping mechanism.
  8. The first impression is never the last impression.
  9. Little conflicts strengthen and make relationships healthier.
  10. Credit cards should not be issued to people under 30.

2.6 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Funny pick-up lines help in the development of a serious relationship.
  2. Endless memes can be made on my mother.
  3. Life is troublesome due to your horoscope.
  4. Girls are more interested in diamonds than makeup.
  5. Guys are more interested in sports than their girlfriends.
  6. You are not enjoying student life if you do not procrastinate.
  7. It is your major duty to annoy your parents.
  8. Life is useless without indulging in troubles without your friends.
  9. Guys are more interested in gossip than girls.
  10. Never add your parents on Facebook.

2.7 Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. College players should be treated as professional players.
  2. Professional sports should be financed privately.
  3. Drug tests should be compulsory in all professional sports.
  4. Support crew should be considered sportspeople.
  5. Media and society are less interested in women's sports.
  6. Cheerleaders cannot compare with professional players.
  7. Safety precautions for athletes should be upgraded.
  8. Team names should not reflect ethnic and cultural affiliations.
  9. Sports means depicting your limit and not winning or defeating.
  10. Professional female players get fewer opportunities for financial support than male players.

2.8 Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The American healthcare system needs to be revolutionized.
  2. Fast food does more harm than good to the body of human beings.
  3. Consumption of salty and spicy food on a routine basis is harmful to health.
  4. Sex education saves teenagers from the issues of early pregnancy.
  5. Aborted fetuses should not be utilized for genetic research.
  6. Drug advertisements should be banned.
  7. Every human being should register as an organ donor.
  8. Human beings should not treat the sleep disorder with sleeping pills.
  9. College students should be trained to perform CPR.
  10. Sleepwalking should not be ignored but treated.

2.9 Technology Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Human cloning is unethical.
  2. Food engineering can fight food insecurity.
  3. Self-driving cars are not reliable.
  4. Robots cannot replace human beings.
  5. Technology has isolated people instead of connecting them with each other.
  6. Technological advancement has decreased employment opportunities.
  7. Mobile phones can be used to intrude on the privacy of individuals.
  8. Chips should be inserted in criminals to refrain them from violent behaviour.
  9. Digital currency should be accepted and promoted.
  10. Technology is making life tougher instead of easier.

2.10 Law and Politics Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Detaining people on the suspicion of terrorism is justified.
  2. Military service should not be compulsory.
  3. Assisted suicide should be a punishable crime.
  4. Violent crime offenders should be sentenced to death.
  5. Illegal immigrants should be instantly deported.
  6. Foreigners should not be allowed to buy the property.
  7. Part time workers should have the legal right to claim annual paid leaves.
  8. Surveillance should not compromise the privacy of the citizens.
  9. Rapists and pedophiles should be hanged to death immediately.
  10. Burning sketches and flags during protests should be punished.

2.11 Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Animal testing of drugs is necessary for ensuring the safety of humanity.
  2. Cosmetic surgery, being an unhealthy obsession, should be banned.
  3. Human behavior is the product of society and not of nature.
  4. The death penalty is the only solution for controlling the crime rate in the society.
  5. The legal age of drinking, driving and voting should be set at eighteen years.
  6. Corruption and bribery run today’s economy.
  7. Do you think immigration laws need to be revised?
  8. Job Discrimination based on Hair Color/Style.
  9. Our constitution should protect hate speech.
  10. Regulations on applying safety devices.

2.12 Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should schools still teach cursive handwriting?
  2. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  3. What is the best type of renewable energy?
  4. The danger of texting and driving.
  5. Why you should buy a Japanese car.
  6. Why introverts make good leaders.
  7. Why alcohol should be illegal.
  8. More recycling should be encouraged.
  9. The trade deficit with China is dangerous.
  10. Should only native plants be grown in gardens?

2.13 Policy Speech Topics For College Students

  1. Ban car racing in mass pollution areas.
  2. Domestic Violence Drug Policy.
  3. Equal Employment Opportunities.
  4. Sexist images of women should be banned.
  5. Smokers should be treated as drug addicts.
  6. What should be the minimum age for the voter?
  7. Why meals in school should be free.
  8. Why invading North Korea is a no go plan.
  9. Stop clothing and textiles sweatshops.
  10. Punish severely pupils taking drugs.

3. Tips For Writing Persuasive Speech

Coming up with a great speech requires a lot more than just a good topic. Have a look at the three most important persuasive speech writing tips from experts to nail this task like a pro.

  • For a persuasive speech, it is essential to portray yourself as you know and understand what you are talking about. To achieve that, do quality research on the topic to make your speech is strong and convincing.
  • Most probably your chosen topic has multiple issues and viewpoints. Try to cover all angles and make your writing seem well-informed on your topic. In this way, you can increase the quality of your speech by looking at different definitions of the issue.
  • One of the most important factors is to know for whom you are preparing a speech. When you are writing your speech think about what most likely your audience already knows and what they probably need to.

Hopefully, you have decided on a topic for your speech. If you are having trouble getting started with the writing process, we are here to help.

The professional writers at MyPerfectWords who are experts at writing speeches. You can buy speech from them on your chosen topic in the most affordable rates and quality.

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