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80+ Informative Speech Topics (2019 Guide)

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If you are looking for new and trending informative speech topics then you are at the right place. An informative speech is written to inform the readers about the chosen topic and help them understand it in a better manner.

Want to get easy to explain informative speech topics? Check this blog out.

1. What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech is delivered to inform the audience about a certain topic using relevant information and facts. It is an interesting way of sharing knowledge and shedding light on new and improved information.

Informative speeches are a part of high school and college events where the students have a chance of presenting their researched facts and impart knowledge to the audience. This is why knowing how to write a speech is important before starting with the actual task. Writing an informative speech also requires a lot of research and detailed information.

It is a great way of interacting with the audience while adding to their knowledge.

2. Informative Speech Topics

Finding good informative speech topics is important if you want to deliver a powerful and impressive speech. Therefore, it is advised that when choosing an informative speech topic, the students should choose such topics that they are familiar with and confident in talking about them.

Choosing totally unfamiliar topics never helps and often, students do not know what to do about them and how to manage them. As a result, they end up ruining their speech. A good informative speech idea is narrowed but still has a wide scope for explanation.

Below are the lists of best informative speech topics that are arranged according to different themes and have different topics for informative speech task.

2.1 Informative Speech Topics for College Students

Students participating in the speech and debate events often look for informative speech topics for college events. These topics are based on the subjects that they study in their college.

  1. A mentor is necessary for every student. Discuss.
  2. Should college students start looking for jobs before passing from the college?
  3. Campus life is short lived and students should enjoy it as much as possible. Agreed?
  4. Students should learn basic skills like washing and cooking before going to college. How true is it?
  5. Students should create and follow a dorms checklist before checking into them.
  6. Study groups are great for students to learn from different perspectives and get new and fresh study ideas.
  7. Allowing college students to earn extra credit is unfair for hard working students. How far is this claim true?
  8. Peer pressure is a common thing in college for both boys and girls. How can students avoid it?
  9. Students that share rooms with other students should get earplugs or headphones for some private time.
  10. Unlike popular belief, changing a major in college does not have significant effects on future.
  11. Exercise and extra-curricular activities are important for every student.
  12. Getting an on-campus job is a wise and beneficial decision for a student.
  13. College tour is an important activity for the new students and they should try to get as much information from the tour guide as possible.
  14. Student should visit the college before considering it for future studies.
  15. Students should schedule their study time in the day rather than putting it late in the evening.

2.2 Interesting Informative Speech Topics

Interesting topics are both fun and offer value to the audience. The following list has interesting informative speech topics for college students as well as for those who are looking for an informative speech topic ideas for their high school event. Choose a topic from the list below.

  1. Steve Jobs is considered the Einstein of our society. How far is the notion true?
  2. What is digital generation? How digitized our present generation is?
  3. What are the effects of television on the children of our nation?
  4. Propose a useful business model for today’s world.
  5. Discuss some of the key issues of our society.
  6. What is the millennial generation and what are their key beliefs and features?
  7. Coca Cola uses aggressive marketing strategies for promotion. Discuss the statement.
  8. What measures should be taken to tackle natural disasters?
  9. Who was Aristotle? Discuss his contribution to philosophy and maths.
  10. Discuss the origins and evolution of video games.
  11. Describe the cosmos and the reasons why they are able to access some zones.
  12. Modernism Vs. Postmodernism: Discuss the Pros and Cons.
  13. It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian. Investigate the claim and support your argument with solid proof.
  14. Video games are the number one reason behind the rising violence.
  15. Parents should try to understand the psyche of children and especially the young adults.

2.3 Public Speaking Informative Speech Topics

Public speaking is an art and luckily, you can learn this art with practice. However, for speaking, you will need a good topic. Below is a list of informative speech topics that will help you in impressing your public speaking audience.

  1. Coeducation Vs. Segregated Classes: Which one is more beneficial?
  2. Government should work to promote education and make it more accessible for everyone.
  3. What are some of the ways through which global warming can be controlled?
  4. What should the state do to control and punish cyberbullies?
  5. Gun control and Regulation Laws: Helpful or Useless?
  6. Adult education in colleges are important. Discuss the claim.
  7. Schools should follow a set pattern and should be managed accordingly.
  8. Hardcover Vs. eBooks: Which is better?
  9. Minimizing the use of perfumes and body sprays will help in minimizing global warming.
  10. What is the role of juvenile court in maintaining law and order?
  11. Capital punishment should be waived off for juvenile prisoners. Discuss.
  12. Prisoners should be given equal chances to education and reform.
  13. Adoption should be encouraged to give homes to the needy.
  14. What are the main causes of parental negligence?
  15. Should children be allowed to make the decision of choosing their major?

2.4 Fun Informative Speech Topics

Fun speech topics are great for a lighter discussion and mood. Following funny informative speech topics will give you some topic ideas about what to talk about when having a light and funny informative speech event.

  1. Discuss the origins of Valentine’s Day and how is it celebrated in different countries?
  2. Does sending the monkeys to space has any positive research benefits?
  3. Describe an Irish celebration and reasons it is considered funny.
  4. Discuss some funny games for a beach day.
  5. Describe the origins and evolution of ice-cream making.
  6. Discuss the tattoo culture and reasons people like to have different kinds of tattoos.
  7. Discuss and explain the process of people getting into the selfie culture.
  8. Does horoscope paint a true picture of people belonging to different zodiac signs?
  9. What are the pros and cons of working at Disneyland.
  10. How to cheat and get away with it in the Poker game?
  11. What is an Amphibious Vehicle? Describe its advantages and disadvantages..
  12. Chocolate helps to reduce stress. How true is this statement?
  13. Adults have more issues than kids. Discuss.
  14. Facebook is a great example of an experiment gone bad and viral.
  15. Multilinguals are smarter than those who speak a single language.

2.5 Creative Informative Speech Topics

Creative topics are different from the mainstream type of topics as they offer something different. The following ideas are good topics for an informative speech and you can use them in your high school and college speech contest.

  1. How can the biosources be used to provide electricity for the cities?
  2. Can Elon Musk refashion the space race? Support your claims with evidence.
  3. What is the Great Depression and how can we prevent the next Great Depression from happening?
  4. Should biracial adoption be allowed? What are its social and domestic effects and consequences?
  5. Can gun control policies help control and minimize the terrorist incidents at schools?
  6. Discuss and explain the idea of global basic income and how can it be achieved?
  7. Discuss some funny and unique traditions of different cultures.
  8. Can a hobby turned into a profitable business? If yes then how?
  9. How can domestic violence be minimized?
  10. Can you start a business without huge capital? Give useful examples to highlight your point.
  11. College dropouts are more successful than college pass outs. Discuss the claim.
  12. No one is born genius and success is a product of hard work.
  13. Can we train our minds to think outside the box? Explain with examples.
  14. Children should be trained in different languages and skills.
  15. How did the fashion industry change over time?

2.6 Informative Speech Topics about Animals

Looking for fun and interesting informative speech topics related to animals? Below, we have given the best informative speech topics about animals.

  1. What are some of the functions that cats perform in their lifetime?
  2. What are some useful and easy ways of taking care of hermit crabs?
  3. What are the animals that could make great pets?
  4. Describe the lifecycle of ants and the way they live and gather food.
  5. What are some of the unique tropical aquatic animals and what makes them different than others?
  6. Describe the distinct species of cats.
  7. Do rabbits make a good pet? How can we keep them healthy and in great shape?
  8. Why wolves are considered majestic animals?
  9. What is the procedure of adopting a dog?
  10. Can we keep snakes as pets? What are the requirements for doing it?
  11. Describe the life cycle of ocean animals.
  12. How can you train your dog for backyard?
  13. Why do the monkeys are so skilled at climbing the trees?
  14. Discuss the difference between the reproduction system of mammals and non-mammals.
  15. Is it true that penguins have much longer legs than what is visible?

2.7 Entertaining Informative Speech Topics

For those who are interested in knowing about the topic ideas related to the entertainment industry, following are some good topics to start with.

  1. Is it necessary to get formal education to get into showbiz?
  2. Reality shows have caused a drastic decrease in the television viewership. How far is it true?
  3. Should there be any limits on the usage of special effects?
  4. Should the shows based on pranks be added into the entertainment and showbiz category?
  5. What are the reasons behind the ever increasing paparazzi invasion culture? How can it be controlled?
  6. Who are the best Hollywood actors as marked according to the recent census?
  7. The Beatles band is the most influential band of all times. Discuss the reasons behind it.
  8. Who are the best record artists of the recent time.
  9. Can AI be used in the movie industry? if yes then how and to what extent it could be used?
  10. Classics Vs. Modern movies: Which ones are better?
  11. Who are some of the most famous and influential female Hollywood stars of all time?
  12. Entertainment industry is a key player behind the increased number of college dropouts. Agreed?
  13. Models and actresses are the contemporary role models of the young generation.
  14. Newspapers and social media are no longer reliable and true. Support your answer with solid proof.
  15. Who is the best actor to play the role of the iconic Joker and why?

2.8 Sports Informative Speech Topics

Sports is no less than a craze for many nations and this is why they are considered as an important part of informative speeches. The following topics could also be used as informative persuasive speech topics for your speech related to sports.

  1. Should females players be allowed to play on a male sports team?
  2. Why rugby is considered as a dangerous game?
  3. Why sports is important for children of all ages?
  4. What are the world’s most dangerous sports?
  5. Discuss the importance of sports for national growth and development?
  6. What are the essentials to carry when going for a Golf Tournament?
  7. Professional wrestling has developed a lot during the last couple of decades. What are the key reasons behind it?
  8. Discuss the common injuries that could occur in the game of ice hockey.
  9. Discuss and describe the origins and development of field hockey.
  10. What are the origins of soccer?
  11. What are the world’s most famous polo stadiums?
  12. What sports need further developments?
  13. Some ancient sports should be revived to preserve the culture.
  14. Board games should be encouraged in schools and colleges to influence the kids’ mental growth.
  15. Well-equipped and managed sports complex should be a necessity for every educational institute.

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