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Argumentative Essay Topics: 100+ Topics, Examples and Guide

Argumentative Essay Topics: 100+ Topics, Examples and Guide

Confused about what argumentative essay topics to choose?

Need help in choosing the perfect argumentative topic?

Do not worry!

Here is a step by step guide that will provide you with different argumentative essay ideas. And help you select the perfect topic to impress your teacher.

1. Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics can be seen everywhere in our daily routine. Either an individual is reading the newspaper or hearing two high school students having an argument in class. There is always going to be someone out there trying to persuade the other.

1.1 Guide to Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

In order to make an impact on the reader, it is essential that you try to pick out good argumentative essay topics. For instance, if an individual wants to convince their peers about a certain global issue, they first need to pay attention to the chosen topic. He should see if the topic has the potential to turn into an influential argument. The attention of the viewer can only be grabbed if the topic is good.

A few examples of impactful essay topics are:

  1. Should there be a ban on energy drinks?
  2. What age should individuals be given the right to vote?
  3. Is justice present for everyone out there?
  4. At what age can people start drinking and smoking?
  5. The disadvantages associated with global warming.
  6. Was Ted Bundy a manipulator?
  7. Is sleep necessary to regulate health issues?
  8. Is swimming an overall exercise?
  9. Is there a possibility of someone being above the law?
  10. Is technology turning people into zombies?
  11. The advent of smartphones have turned us into digital nomads.
  12. Capital punishment should be ended for juvenile prisoners.
  13. Jails should have a developed educational and skills training system for prisoners.
  14. A house is a child’s first institute. Discuss the claim with solid proof.
  15. Strict mothers have well-behaved children. Discuss.

2. Argumentative Essay Topics for College

The first thing that most of the students out there will be thinking is how to perfectly select topics for college. There are times when the teacher themselves assign the topics, but it is not necessary.

There are many teachers who like to test the creativity of the students. So, on many occasions they want the students to pick out the essay topics themselves.

Below are the types of argumentative essay topics.

  1. Is a College degree worth its price?
  2. College professors are paid more than they should.
  3. Not everyone needs to go to College.
  4. College students shouldn't live at home.
  5. College is a way to make money.
  6. College education is the base to future career success.
  7. There are many success stories of college dropouts. Analyze these examples and if college education really is useless.
  8. Shakespeare is the greatest poet of all times. Discuss the reasons behind it.
  9. Discuss the elements of tragedy and whether the Shakespearean tragedy comes close to it.
  10. Children should be given the freedom to design their own curriculum. Discuss the pros and cons.
  11. Real life skills should be added in the college syllabus.q
  12. Students should be taught to grow their own food.
  13. Playing outdoors helps in building a kid’s immunity system. Discuss.
  14. Music helps the students to study better. Support your answer with proven facts.
  15. Education board should review the college syllabus on an annual basis.

Want to take a look at sample argumentative essays? Here are some argumentative essay examples for college students.

2.1 Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Are SATs effective?
  2. The Pros and Cons of doing an MBA.
  3. What secondary languages are worth studying nowadays?
  4. Causes of Obesity in the US.
  5. Is NCAA participation negatively impacting academic performance?
  6. Should forest destruction become a punishable act?
  7. Monarchy and its Pros and Cons.
  8. Should there be a ban on violent video games?
  9. Is technology causing isolation amongst students?
  10. Social media leads to isolation.
  11. How important is a high school in a student’s life?
  12. Education should be free of cost for everyone. Discuss the pros and Cons.
  13. Learning multiple languages should be added in the college syllabus.
  14. Education is considered as a business now. How far is this statement true?
  15. Young adults must be given equal rights as far as their decision related to military is concerned. Discuss.

2.2 Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Is censorship on the internet necessary?
  2. Will there be a 3rd World War?
  3. Every student should have the right to pick the discipline they are interested in.
  4. Can gun control help in regulating crime? Discuss your point of view.
  5. What does it take to become a politician?
  6. Thoughts on same sex-marriage.
  7. Should there be a restriction on the sales and production of tobacco.
  8. The aftermath of the Tsunami.
  9. Which countries have the most corruption?
  10. First aid and medical advances.
  11. Role of teachers in building the kids’ personality.
  12. Is phone and internet regulation important for kids?
  13. Parents should be a child’s best friends. How far is this statement true?
  14. Violent video games affect a child’s mental health and stability.
  15. Boys and girls do not have equal opportunities, Agreed?

3. Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Students tend to reach for easy topics. But little do they know that the easiest topics can be the hardest at times. When it comes to essay topics there are certain themes that have been chosen and done many times.

So, either a student does an extraordinary job with it to make a mark on the teacher or there is no use. Some common examples of easy and persuasive speech would be;

  1. Are punctual people more successful?
  2. Why is time money?
  3. The link between technology and education.
  4. Is knowledge power?
  5. What is love?
  6. Hunger is a tragedy.
  7. How to help children maintain a healthy weight.
  8. Is sugar bad for you?
  9. Middle school students should be given a less work load.
  10. How can colleges encourage recycling?
  11. Boys and girls should be given equal education and job opportunities.
  12. MBA is not as effective as it used to be. How far this statement is true?
  13. Discuss the trend of fad diets in young adults.
  14. A good sleep is important for good health.
  15. Children should be educated about the dangers of smoking in schools.

4. Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Every classroom has at least one sports fanatic and sports argumentative essay topics are for them. The best thing about sports-related topics is the fact that there are countless themes that the writer can choose from.

A few examples of sports related topics are;

  1. Is cricket better than football?
  2. How do tennis players stay fit?
  3. The best NBA basketball player to ever exist.
  4. The issues related to gambling in sports.
  5. Student athletes and their struggle with time management.
  6. Is football dangerous for the players?
  7. Can football fans become obsessive?
  8. Athletic involvement is a key towards academic success.
  9. The foundation of female athletes.
  10. Different methods of coaching and the issues associated with them.
  11. Hockey is a dangerous sport and should be played in a controlled environment.
  12. Student athletes should be given financial support in colleges.
  13. Female athletes are equally capable as their male counterparts. Discuss.
  14. Bullfighting should be banned and made illegal everywhere.
  15. Being a great athlete and being a great coach are different things.

5. Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Then comes controversial argumentative essay topics. These topics are risky to choose, the reason is the debate surrounding these themes. There are chances that the writer can offend the reader if they don't select their words carefully.

Examples of controversial topics would be;

  1. Is animal testing for beauty products justified in any way?
  2. Should physician-assisted suicide be permitted?
  3. The music industry is controlled by the mafia. Explain and support your claims.
  4. Like pregnancy tests, HIV tests should also be made available in the drugstores.
  5. The restriction on hunting should be dependent on environmental areas.
  6. Medical marijuana prescription should be allowed to all the doctors.
  7. Women still suffer from the glass ceiling effect.
  8. Need for human medical experimentation.
  9. Dating in the workplace is ethically wrong.
  10. Death sentence for sex offenders.
  11. Dating at workplace should be discouraged.
  12. Women are less healthy than men. Discuss the reasons.
  13. Pros and cons of electronic voting.
  14. Women should be given the right to abort.
  15. Journalism has reduced to money making game. Discuss.

6. Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

When it comes to grabbing the attention of the teacher and your peers, nailing it with your essay is key. Interesting argumentative essay topics are those that intrigue the reader and are attention grabbers.

Examples of interesting topics would be;

  1. The legalization of marijuana.
  2. The regulation of alcohol drinking.
  3. YouTube channel owners should edit foul language in the comments.
  4. Social media and the role it plays in business communication.
  5. When it comes to news, Twitter is more beneficial than Facebook.
  6. The effects of Instagram on today's youth.
  7. Does freedom of speech give people the license to say hateful things?
  8. Can competitive behavior lead to issues in the long-run?
  9. Should criminals get second chances?
  10. Ignorance is a blessing. How far is it true?
  11. Bedtime storytelling is a dying art. Discuss its consequences.
  12. Parents should not give smartphones to their college children.
  13. Religion and politics should be kept separate.
  14. A psychologist should not share the details of its patients.
  15. History is written by the winners and this makes it biased. Discuss.

7.Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Almost every other individual out there enjoys a good sense of humor. Especially when it is being delivered in an educational paper. Funny argumentative essay topics are a breath of fresh air for the reader. The writing style is more laid back and yet delivering the message with full impact.

Examples of funny topics would be;

  1. Why do people have an abundant amount of mismatched socks?
  2. How a toy changed my life.
  3. Why are funny cat videos so popular?
  4. The advantages of being an expert in gaming.
  5. Why is it so frustrating when the computer freezes?
  6. Things that your driving instructor never told you.
  7. The reason why the customer is not always right.
  8. Do dogs understand what we are saying?
  9. Why do cats act so entitled?
  10. Why do you need that early morning cup of coffee?
  11. Do dogs really smile? Explain that expression in detail.
  12. How does watching funny cat videos affect our brains?
  13. What makes Charlie Chaplin an iconic figure?
  14. Why nice girls date morons?
  15. Why social media friends are better than real world friends.

8. Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

These kinds of topics can be tricky to hone, but if done right, you will surely get a good grade. The key to scoring well with such topics is that the writer is aware of the medical facts.

Further, some good topics are mentioned below;

  1. How is type 2 diabetes related to foot ulcer?
  2. The impact of diet on type 2 diabetes patients.
  3. Issues surrounding organ donation.
  4. The problems associated with organ donation in the black-market.
  5. Plastic and its linkage with Cancer.
  6. The issues associated with obesity.
  7. Can drinking milk regularly make the bones stronger?
  8. Is there a need for better health policies?
  9. Does therapy help in the long-run?
  10. Are obesity and hunger both malnutrition problems?
  11. Having a pet makes us mentally and physically fit. Analyze the claim.
  12. Medical marijuana has proven positive effects in many diseases.
  13. Herbal medicine is better than the mainstream medicine.
  14. Doctors should be given the authority to end their terminally ill patient’s life.
  15. Euthenasia should be legal for patients in vegetative state.

9. Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

Social media is a very broad idea, so the topics that can be extracted from this single term are many. First, you will have to think about the context in which you need to write the argumentative paper, negative or positive? On the basis of that, you may choose a topic to write on.

For your better understanding, below are some topics regarding social networks which can be the foundation of a promising argumentative paper.

  1. Should social media usage be limited?
  2. Is the world more focused on material happiness after the introduction of social media?
  3. Social media, a place of great awareness.
  4. Social media in the United States.
  5. Social media and suicidal tendencies.
  6. Social media is a great platform to flourish businesses.
  7. Social media for advertisement.
  8. Social media and its impact on tourism.
  9. Social media and individual alienation.
  10. Social media, escape from stress.
  11. Social media usage should be regulated in young adults.
  12. Social platforms are great for small and medium sized businesses.
  13. Facebook and other social platforms give unwanted access to child abusers.
  14. Pros and cons of allowing kids to use social media.
  15. The increase in drugs and substance abuse is partly due to social media. Discuss and support your claims.

These are just a few examples of essay topics that are all driven from a singular term. To keep the ideas in your reach, download the below PDF.

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