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Analytical Essay Example: Samples with Outline

Analytical Essay Example: Outline & Samples

If you are assigned to write an analytical essay you should have a complete understanding of it. An analytical essay is one of the most common essay types that students are assigned to draft in high schools. This form of essay requires skills that not every student possesses. 

This blog contains analytical essay examples that will guide you in writing your essay professionally.

What is an Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is a form of writing that analyzes and examines a specific topic in-depth. It breaks the main topic into several sections and explains them one by one. The aim of this essay is to enhance the readers’ knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

This essay can be written on an individual topic, on a non-fictional work, or on any form of art. Dealing with this essay requires strong critical analyzing and writing skills. A writer presents his point of view on the subject clearly using supportive evidence from the text.

Writing an analytical essay includes an understanding of the outline and the correct writing procedure. Learning how to write an analytical essay is mandatory to produce the best essay for your academics.

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Analytical Essay Example

Students always require examples to have a better understanding of the subject. Similarly, to know how different types of analytical essays are written, examples are needed.

Below are listed some useful analytical essay examples. Each example is presented according to the different types of analysis essays.

  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    A rhetorical analysis essay examines how the author has written something. The writer uses persuasive and effective methods to look into the topic in detail. For this essay, a piece of writing is selected and interpreted. 

    Reviewing rhetorical analysis essay examples is important to draft a professional piece of an essay. 

  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example (PDF) 

  • Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay is a type of essay that studies and evaluates a piece of literature in detail. This essay explains the main elements of the chosen subject and shows how they are related to each other. 

  • Literary Analysis Essay Example (PDF) 

  • Critical Analysis Essay

    A critical analysis essay is a type of analytical essay that requires a writer to form an argument on a selected piece of writing, art, or a movie. The objective of this essay type is to understand the creator’s argument and forming a claim over it. The critical essay demands a writer to critically evaluate elements like the purpose of the work and what techniques were used by the author in the work to persuade the audience. 

  • Critical Analysis Essay Example (PDF) 

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Analytical Essay Outline

An analytical or analysis essay requires a perfect outline to be written effectively. The outline of this essay has the usual parts like:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Conclusion 

Following is the detailed description of an analytical essay outline.


The analytical essay introduction is started using a hook sentence. This engages the readers and encourages them to move forward and read the entire essay. When you know how to write an essay introduction, appealing the audience becomes easier. 

A thesis statement is then written at the end of the introduction. It presents the main theme and idea on which the essay will be based. Writing a strong thesis statement is important for an impactful essay. 

Main Body

The main body will have at least three paragraphs and each of them will start with a topic sentence. Writing a topic sentence will give a clearer understanding of the point to the readers. 

Collect supporting evidence and facts to prove your thesis statement in the body of your essay. The number of paragraphs in the main body can be increased according to the chosen topic. 


The conclusion for an analytical essay will give a strong closure to your essay. Concluding paragraphs are written by restating the thesis statement and summarizing the major supporting points. 

Writing an appropriate conclusion will persuade the audience strongly. 

The analytical essay format is usually given in the guidelines your instructor provides. If you are not provided with any instructions, use the basic analytical essay structure to draft your essay. 

Below is an example of an analytical essay according to the outline. 

  • Analytical Essay Example High School (PDF)

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Analytical Essay Topics

Analytical essay topics are mostly argumentative in nature. Choose a broad topic that you think is arguable and gather strong supporting information on it.

The following are some strong analytical essay topics provided by expert writers of MyPerfectWords.com:

  • Explain Lady Macbeth as the fourth witch in Macbeth.
  • Describe the different types of phobias and their various reasons.
  • Explain the differences between introverts and extroverts.
  • How do the movies influence our society and behavior?
  • Effects of flicks and violent video games on children.
  • Why do dogs make ideal emotional support animals?
  • Analyze the role reversal in the movie ‘All about my Mother’.
  • How does the development of language transform communication?
  • Music as therapy: a fad or a reality?
  • What causes drugs and substance abuse in college students?

If you are not assigned a topic for your essay, choose an analytical essay topic taking the required steps. Another option is to get assistance from a professional writer who offers a quality essay writing service

MyPerfectWords.com can provide assistance as well as customized written essays and papers at a reasonable price if you place an order.

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